Working Group Chair


IEEE Standards Association | 2020


Working Group Chair Fundamentals



Project Manager

Script Supervisor


  • Articulate Storyline
  • Illustration
  • Instructional Design
  • Branding

The scope for this project called for the delivery of a twelve module course detailing policies and procedures as well as soft-skills training for new and aspiring Working Group Chairs, a critically important role in standards development.

I used Adobe CS to prototype the initial concept mock-ups for the stakeholders/SMEs and to design my assets using a style guide I developed for the project.

The course has a corporate compliance approach with an aesthetically- pleasing, bland-loyal look and feel. Content is chunked into short modules which learners can complete on the go.

As of 2021, a Mandarin-version of the course is available to provide alignment with IEEE-SA strategic initiatives.

Course may be visited online by visiting this link.

The Mandarin-language version may be viewed here.

“By dividing the modules into short, manageable topics, our learners are more likely to stay engaged with the content. It empowers them to work through the module at their own pace, dipping in and out as required around their work schedule. It also means the eLearning can double up as refresher training at the point of need.”


Once we had the story locked down, I developed a trailer which ended up being used to market the course. I used the assets from this trailer to treat all of the course elements.