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IEEE Standards Association | 2021

“Learners are more likely to buy in to the need to change behaviors or learn a new skill when they see how it impacts real life. Weaving realistic stories, relatable characters and memorable anecdotes into your a training solution transforms it from words on a page to something tangible a learner cares about and can imagine incorporating into their working life.”


IEEE SA Copyright Policy



Project Manager

Script Supervisor


  • Articulate Rise
  • Illustration
  • Instructional Design
  • Branding
  • Role-based
  • Scenarios

IEEE SA T + D has experienced a significant increase in an appreciation and request for courses in Rise format. While Rise certainly doesn’t have all of the customization features of traditional eLearning authoring tools, it’s responsiveness and elegant design have the capacity for rapid development without the loss of creativity.

This project, suited to any individual serving to develop an IEEE standard, was specifically designed to encourage exploration by offering them the ability to choose the route through the course that most suits their needs. The content is split into short topics that are easy to dip in and out of, and don’t lock it down into a linear route.

Additionally, content was tailored by role, with participants choosing to explore as a Working Group Participant or a Working Group Chair, by means of a role selector. After choosing their role, the Rules features means learners will only be shown the topics that are relevant to their role.